image Review – A GHOST STORY – a simple masterpiece

A GHOST STORY – a simple masterpiece

Discovered at the Sundance Film Festival 2017 January, A ghost Story is the kind of independent film you would never imagine. The story is simple and though so unreal, magical, complex like nothing you ever thought of. David Lowery made a masterpiece of a simple idea with his fantastic eye and imagination.

Portrayed by Rooney Mara and Casey Affleck, David Lowery’s A Ghost Story tells a story of grief. Grief from the side of the ghost with purity, poetry, beauty. Its the second time, David Lowery is working with the great duo Casey Affleck – Rooney Mara after All them bodies saints, and its working.

rooney casey a ghost story

Simple and effective, the ghost is dressed with a white sheet and two holes for the eyes. Simple and beautiful. Using steady shots and focusing the camera on one person’s move, A Ghost Story is very static, observing the lost life and time. Like a pictures album, memories moving all around you. Not always sad and nostalgic, the idea of the ghosts grieving is going further with a very surprising note of humour and ghost language.

David Lowery created something simple in his mind, minimalist with the locations, the characters and in a way, fully universal and timeless. Sometimes simplicity is the best.

A ghost story took my breath away from its directing, visual, message and poetry, until the last second. Independent films like that are the reason why I love so much Cinema. Prepare to be blown away by beauty and simplicity.

In UK cinemas on the 11th of August 2017

Seen at the Sundance Film Festival London 2017

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