#IndieLook 1 – September

September could one of the best month for cinema as the awards season is getting close. All independent movies waiting for the the end of the summer blockbusters start to bloom for our great pleasure.

Let’s look at our Indie Look selection for September:


Captain Fantastic – 9th of September – Matt Ross – A

Released in the Cannes Festival, winner of the Directing Prize in the Certain Regard selection, Captain Fantastic got my first tears out of September.

Deep in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, a father (Viggo Mortensen) devoted to raising his six kids with a rigorous physical and intellectual education is forced to leave his paradise and enter the world, beginning a journey that challenges his idea of what it means to be a parent.

Viggo Mortensen and his fellow young actors are playing a unique family. A unique way of life, unique way of learning and entertainment. The bubble created by this father is not ready for the world as the society is shaping people and families as they should be. Captain Fantastic shows that isolation from society is not hat an issue to live.  Captain Fantastic will bring joy and life into the screening room with great performances from all the cast.

If you love Wes Anderson movies as Little Miss Sunshine, Captain Fantastic will move you the same way.

Anthropoid – 9th of September – Sean Ellis – B+

For all war film lovers, Anthropoid will surprise you.

Based on the extraordinary true story of Operation Anthropoid, the WWII mission to assassinate SS General Reinhard Heydrich, the main architect behind the Final Solution and the Reich’s third in command after Hitler and Himmler.

After Metro Manilla, Sean Ellis shows the war as dangerous, as full of consequences, as it was while telling a great and brave story. Cillian Murphy ( Peaky Blinders) and Jamie Dornan ( The Fall) play very well this duo of soldiers. The greatness of Anthropoid is within his rhythm and the construction of the final act of the film. One of the best gripping scene in a war film.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople – 16th of September – Taika Waititi – A

Ricky Baker ! That what you will die to say after this film.

A national manhunt is ordered for a rebellious kid and his foster uncle who go missing in the wild New Zealand bush.

From the crazy mind of Taika Waititi, the Hunt for Wilderpeople is everything that you ope from the Sundance film festival. Funny, quirky, amazingly written, Hunt for the Wilderpeople is the gem that you should discover. From the trailer you actually know that you will love it. Sam Neill and the young actor Julian Dennison,will stay for a long time in your mind as the funniest duo of 2016.

Swiss Army Man – 30th of September – Daniels – A+

Unique gem from the Sundance film festival, winner of the directing prize, Swiss Army Man is surely the most imaginative, original and creative film I’ve seen in years.

A hopeless man stranded on a deserted island befriends a dead body and together they go on a surreal journey to get home.

This bromance between a dead body ( Daniel Radcliffe) and a lost man ( Paul Dano) brings together comedy and drama with the essence of cinema, the creativity. Black humour, farts, masturbation jokes, Swiss Army Man is a movie free from any convention. Under the jokes, the beautiful soundtrack, the spectacular acrobatics from Daniel Radcliffe, Swiss Army Man has a great depth. Very moving, Swiss Army Man praises life, freedom of living without shame, regards from other thought. Stay true to yourself.

Performances absolutely magnetising as the film.

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